Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (#6)

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's Top Ten is...
Top Ten Childhood Favorites

One of my absolute favorite books of all time. When I first read the audio book, I reread it at least 3 times after. It was also the first book that moved me to tears. 

I loved this series when I was in the first and second grade. My favorites were Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake, and Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth.

I always thought these books were so cool. They were written as though they really were some girls journal. Full of hand drawn illustrations, and lots of funny stories.

4) Magic Tree House series by Mary Osborne Pope When I was in elementary school, I'd had a fascination with ancient Egypt and mummies.  So, of course, the first one I'd ever read was Mummies in the Morning. I also really liked Night of the Ninjas.

I probably read almost all of the Sweet Valley Kids books in about 3rd or 4th grade. The ones I read again and again were A Curse on Elizabeth and Trapped in Toyland

These were pretty short chapter books about a kid detective in San Francisco, solving mysteries in his neighborhood. My favorite was The Case of the Fleeing Fang

I loved The Boxcar Children. The whole idea of kids surviving on their own in the wilderness really appealed to me. I didn't even read any other books in the series because it wasn't about survival, they were solving mysteries. (Didn't make sense then, doesn't make sense now.) 

I read every Goosebumps book my library had. The only one that ever gave me nightmares though, was Night of the Living Dummy. Some of my Favorites were One Day at Horrorland, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom, How I Got My Shrunken Head, It Came From Beneath the Sink, and Welcome to Camp Nightmare

The classic stories of the house keeper that takes instructions too literally and bakes a mean pie. Anyone who said they didn't laugh reading Amelia Bedelia stories are lying to you. 

The, also, classic stories of two best friends that may not always get along but always have lots of fun. 

Here are some other favorites that didn't fit on the list. 

What was in your Top Ten this week? Don't forget to link-up in the comments section. 


  1. I think I could almost guess the age of the blogger based on their Top Ten list for this week! Junie is a big favorite in my library along with Magic Tree House.

    Here's my Top Ten!

  2. Excellent choices!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  3. I forgot about Junie B. Jones and Amelia's Notebook! Loved Goosebumps and Amelia Bedelia as well.

    Here's mine: http://feministfairytalereviews.blogspot.com/2011/12/top-ten-tuesday-4-childhood-favorites.html

  4. I definitely would have included Amelia's notebook on my list but I forgot all about it until I read your post. And my younger sister loved Junie B Jones but I don't think it had been published yet when I was in first/second grade.

  5. I love seeing Sweet Valley showing up on so many lists. They were the best books of my childhood :)

  6. aww Junie B Jones, Nate the Great, Frog and Toad, and Amelia Bedelia (which also made my list) :] nostalgic! and happy belated birthday! mine was earlier, last week as well!