Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Day 7 - Your Favorite Book Character of 2011 in Pictures

Today's challenge activity was to write a post about your favorite character you read about in 2011. Hands down (or hand and "whiphand"), that would have to be Drake Merwin from the Gone series by Michael Grant. Anyone who has ever met me or read my posts has probably had the pleasure of hearing me gush about the Gone series, which I discovered earlier this year. Out of the many lovable characters in the series, of course, my favorite would have to be the psychopathic, immortal, and whiphanded killer. Here's a collage of some my favorite Drake fan art found through

Fan art artists from collage, left to right: "Mr. Whiphand" by kangel, "Drake Merwin Fanart" by FallsApart, "Gone -- Drake Merwin" by Zexionluver4ever, "Beware the Whiphand -- Drake Merwin" by Malsavaidity, and "Drake Marker Sketch -Gone-" by TheIronyIsPalpable.

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  1. Glad to hear you're still enjoying the Gone Series