Review Policy

My book reviews are 100% honest and my personal opinion. Though I am very grateful to publishers for ARCs I receive, they have no influence or control over what I say in posts. For example, if I say I, without a doubt, loved a book, it’s because I truly enjoyed it for whatever reason. In turn, although I really appreciate the books publishers send, if I really don’t like a book I will either state so in my review or not post a review for said book. Whether I like a book or not, I understand how difficult it is for an author to write a book. I never try to be rude or hurtful in my reviews. My goal is always to share my feelings about a book, but respectively.

I'm not getting paid.
I blog just for fun and writing practice. I receive absolutely no monetary compensation in exchange for my reviews. Ever.

Regardless of whether I like a book or not, others may still immensely enjoy a book that I disliked. My word is not law people. I know that my opinions are usually not the majority opinion. A great example is the book Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Many people really enjoy this book series, I however didn’t like it. Although I started Hush, Hush, I didn’t finish the book because I could tell it wasn’t for me. With this in mind, people who read fiction can have many different reasons for picking out and liking a particular book. Some people read books as an escape into another world. While others, like me, prefer books that give them a new idea to think about.

Please understand that I in no way look down upon someone with a differing opinion. I encourage you to comment about your opinion, especially if it differs from my own. I really enjoy discussing why people like certain books they’ve read, especially if they have a different opinion. Think about it this way, I already know why someone would like a book I also enjoyed. What interests me is why others like a book I didn’t like or understand. Always remember that EVERYONE is entitled to his/her own opinion.