Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future Release Review: Holding on to Zoe by George Ella Lyon

Title: Holding on to Zoe
Author: George Ella Lyon site
Format: eARC, 174 pages
Release Date: 7/07/2012
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR (Macmillian)
Source: Netgalley
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“After sixteen-year-old Jules has her baby, Zoe, it doesn’t matter anymore that her mother thinks she’s a drama queen, or that her father left them years ago, or even that Zoe’s father is gone, too. She and her baby make a family now; she doesn’t need anyone else in the world except Zoe. Though it's tough being a new mom, balancing Zoe’s needs with working at the Toyota factory and thinking about how to finish school, Jules is sure she’ll figure it out. Still, she wonders, why can’t anyone be happy for her and Zoe? And why does her mom refuse to believe that Zoe's real?”

Basic Synopsis:
I don’t think I can top the Goodreads one.

Jules is someone who doesn’t have many people to lean-on or turn-to. Her mother is extremely cold to her and she’s had to become very independent. That’s why she’s so happy to have Zoe, to have someone in her life for her to love and be loved by.

I’m kind of at a loss for describing words for Jules. All I can think to say is that she’s a good person and very likable.

Plot and Story:
I was drawn in from the first chapter and read it in one sitting. Even though this book was only 174 pages long, it wasn’t too short. The whole premise of Holding on to Zoe is unique to anything I’ve read before. It’s very interesting how the story evolves and changes as it goes along.

This book wasn’t what I’d expected, but in a good way. It was short, but isn’t lacking plot in the least. I’d highly recommend it for someone looking for a short and different read. I give Holding on to Zoe 4 of 5 stars.

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  1. I love the cover and premise of this one, and I like short books too--I'll definitely pick this one up. Thanks for the review!