Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Spooktacular Event!

Paperback Dolls is having a giveaway along with the YA Spooktacular Event, hosted by Frenzy of Noise and Wicked Awesome Books. Multiple popular authors leave guest posts across multiple blogs, carrying on a spooky story along with a giveaway after each installment. The reason I'm posting about Paperback Dolls, is because one of their giveaway requirements helped spark some creativity in me. One of the ways to enter is to write a zombie themed poem or limerick. I probably went  too far with mine, but I thought I'd share it. Here goes...

"A Random Zombie Poem

The dead shall rise from their graves
Though you may try to hide in caves
Your actions in vain
They will chomp on your brain
And you’ll join the gang
Of moaning, shuffling, slaves

This thought may make you quite blue,
But you’ll have no choice, but to join the crew
Of rotting flesh and bones
Oh, I can hear the moans
As the dead begin to breeze through

So what can you do, you ask
Because dying sounds’ an unpleasant task
There’s nothing I know
To stop this unyielding foe
Perhaps a prayer and an oxygen mask?

So what will become of the world,
After this tragedy’s unfurled?
It’ll end global warming
Though the world will be swarming
With lots of dead people and squirrels

We may as well accept
Our fate, in which we have stepped
I say we embrace
Each own’s place
In this nightmare we’d, until now, been exempt."

Before you tell me how bad it is, take into consideration it's the first poem I've ever written. Be sure to check out the giveaway, and all the other hilarious zombie poems in their comments section.


  1. "It’ll end global warming
    Though the world will be swarming
    With lots of dead people and squirrels"

    - Awesome. Not easy rhyming with "unfurled" :) And not to bad for your first poem. I'm not much of a poet, but I wrote a zombie (or maybe just living dead) haiku for another site, so I'll share it here:

    dead again tonight.

    she’ll not take me back this time.

    still I stand outside.

    Oh, and saw your comment on Books, Biscuits and Tea, and wanted to stop by and thank you for reading my post. Happy Halloween!

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  2. Oh my gosh...toooooo fun! Well. not if you become a zombie, lol.

    Not bad for a first poem, I'd say.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. hahahaha PERFECT for Halloween!! Yikes!

    Thx for entering my Giveaway! (this one sounds inspiring!) Have a GREAT Halloween!!!! I'm a new GFC