Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Author Gods

I’m not a religious person, I’m technically an agnostic. But I do have gods that I worship. They’re my author gods. These are the authors that have so impressed me with their work that I listen to everything they say. I will read anything that they write, and just about anything that they blurb. In a way, they control what I read. They are like reading mentors, but also teach me life lessons. Here are some of my author gods, and what they taught me.

 Libba Bray has taught me to be confident and strong, and never be afraid to make light of the situation.

Lemony Snicket taught me from an early age that no matter how bad thing are, there is always somebody that has it worse. That I should always be grateful for what I have.

Neil Gaimen taught me that somethings we humans do without thinking are pretty stupid. And that cats have a lot of interesting things to say.

Jonathan Maberry taught me that even the bad guys are human. Even serial killers are brothers, daughters, and husbands.

Barry Lyga taught me how much anger a person can have. And that sometimes it’s best to let go of anger.

Ned Vizzini taught me that I’m not alone, and to take serious subjects with just a touch of optimism and humor.

Laurie Halse Anderson taught me how to be brave. That above all else, life must go on no matter the situation.

M.T. Anderson taught me to look at my own actions from another’s perspective. Not everyone sees life the same way you do.

Scott Westerfeld taught me that the future may not always be golden. And that you can only be beautiful if you yourself think you are, and are a good person.

Amy Kathleen Ryan taught me that right and wrong are relative. She taught me to be skeptical, and to never assume anything.

Do you have any “author gods”? What have your favorite authors taught you?


  1. The last too authors (Scott Westerfeld and Amy Kathleen Ryan) are both fabulous authors and I adore their work too! Great post :-) I think Cassandra Clare and Julie Kawaga are fabulous author's too!

    Following your blog! Feel free to visit mine!

  2. MT Anderson and Scott Westerfeld are two of my author gods, too.